MAY 25 - 28  Volunteer
Why should you volunteer with River Valley Festival? Volunteers are the glue that keep everything together! It takes a village to put this on and we need able- bodied, enthusiastic people- is that you? #1 Want to get to know people? Everybody starts somewhere, and this event can easily be one of those places. There are endless networking possibilities that come from interacting with festival attendees. #2 There's a variety of different outlets for service within this festival. There are positions for every kind of skill. No matter how you want to contribute, we'll take you! #3 As Harry Levin put it, partying is fun, but festivals are places where new friends, new connections, new perspective, new ideas bloom like spring time on steroids. By volunteering you contribute to that in a much larger way. Attendees understand that everyone around them is there to improve their festival experience, and you're having fun doing it! Expect hugs (and handshakes) to flow like a river. #4 By helping make the festival a success, you are contributing to helping us raise funds for Freedom Flight- a group who takes Boone County combat veterans including WWII, Korean and Vietnam, to Washington, D.C. to visit the war memorials dedicated to honor their service and sacrifices! Want to know more about them? Check them out: #5 Success of the festival = more years we get to do it = the bigger and better it gets. Therefore, you're making Boone a better place to live, work and play. Bottom line- by giving of yourself, you make this world a better place! Sound good to you? Contact Jennifer Hanson at or Ashlie Hilsabeck at